From Locations to Landmarks
The story behind LMD

It is a success story started by hard workers and great engineers working together with enthusiasm, passion and commitment to become the leaders in development. We study each step, look for the perfect spot and discover the prime locations. We grow and expand globally, across borders and overseas to penetrate the market worldwide, just to secure the most luxurious and superior destinations.

We Create

With years of experience and dedication to work, Landmark started to imagine a place where picturesque gardens and lavish fountains, merged with modern architecture and a glimmer of true magic. We choose exceptional locations that are impeccably selected to satisfy the high demand in the luxury real estate market. We provide you the pleasure to discover a place where quality merges seamlessly with the natural landscape, giving life a whole new meaning, a meaning we call LMD.

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When LMD destinations are discovered, we add passion for perfection, excellence and meticulous attention to every detail to create an incomparable lifestyle. Our concept in developing any project is to integrate the best blend of contemporary design with modern convenience. We penetrated the market, from UAE to Spain and we are continuing to expand globally. LMD destinations offer generous space, light, comfort, giving the ultimate mixture of glamorous beauty with great benefits.

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