About Us
Landmark Sabbour Overview

Landmark was founded with sole purpose of catering to the ever increasing demand in the real estate market, a demand for prime destinations and modern living spaces. Due to high demand in the real estate market in prime locations, Eng. Ahmed Sabbour with a modern real estate thinking that is customer driven, created landmark to fullfil these customer needs

Modern Living Spaces At Premium Locations Around The World

Landmark decided to enter the UAE market by establishing Continental Investment Company in 2011, as a result of the booming real estate sector in Dubai.

Landmark is among a few Egyptian real estate companies that expanded business across borders. Landmark has single handedly undertaken projects like the Continental Tower in Dubai Marina and Rukan in Dubai Land, Dubai. In Spain, Landmark developed a historic themed building in 91 Muntaner street, just off the most prestigious shopping street in Barcelona.

Discovering New Horizons

As Landmark expands globally it doesn’t overlook the promising Egyptian market. Some of Landmark’s currently active projects are Aria, Three Sixty in New Cairo, Rukan in Dubai and two new international projects.

Landmark will continue developing luxurious prime locations and setting the bar higher every time by delivering superior services and high quality after-sales care.

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