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Dear Trump Fan, So You Want Someone To 'Tell It Want It Is'? OK, Right Here You Get.

By the logic, then, you ought to be filled up with an enormous and irresistible love I call Donald Trump a crooked, underhanded con artist and you a reckless, ignorant dupe for me when.

Dear Donald Trump Fan,

I'll let you know the reality, buddy.

You say you need the reality. You are said by you need somebody who talks boldly and brashly and bluntly and "tells it want it is" and so forth. Relating to exit polls in South Carolina, voters who desire president whom "tells it like it is" are a vital demographic for Trump, just like they are a vital demographic for Judge Judy and Dr. Phil. You state you prefer abrupt and matter-of-fact sincerity, and you also are interested a great deal, you will make a person president whether he defies every principle and value you claim to hold for it regardless of.

Individually, i believe you're lying, and I also'm likely to test my theory. In fact, We think I already proven my concept as you're now offended that We called you a liar. But Trump has called 50 % of our planet's populace a liar at some true point in the last seven months, and also you adored every second of it. You stated you liked it maybe not away from cruelty or spite, but away from admiration for a person that is prepared to phone individuals liars -- even when he is lying as he does it.

Yet here i will be using the tactic that is same accurately, I might add -- and also you recoil indignantly.

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