LMD launches “Cairo Design District” at One Ninety as first global design district in Egypt –
Daily News Egypt – 2022

LMD launches “Cairo Design District” at One Ninety as first global design district in Egypt

LMD, The leading real estate development company, announced the launching of the first design district in Egypt “Cairo Design District” with a total investment of EGP 12bn.

The district is in its ground-breaking project One Ninety, one of the most iconic real estate projects which lie in a prime location at the meeting point between the Ring Road and 90 Street in New Cairo. The district will be a huge boost to the project thanks to the variety of unique services it will offer to creatives and designers worldwide.

The Cairo Design District is the first innovation and design district in Egypt, as it is designed to act as a global creative neighbourhood, much like internationally renowned Design Districts that have a focus on global design, like Dubai, London, Miami, and Milan.

The district is planned to bring together a stunning area of 199,000 m2 with a range of artwork from various fields, including fine arts, fashion design, architecture, and interior design.

Cairo Design District is a place that embraces all creatives, whether they have the expertise or are just getting started to help them express their artistic talents and engage in numerous artistic events and workshops that enrich their talent and give them the opportunity to spread locally and globally. LMD is looking forward to beginning its first delivery in this exquisite district within two years.

Cairo Design District was master planned by the widely respected top-ranked architects and consultants globally SOM in partnership with Portland and Pragma and features a revolutionary modernist concept that presents a different image for artistic and creative hubs.

The district is envisioned to be a conclusive creative neighbourhood, a home for Fashion, Art and Culture, Culinary, Contemporary Offices, Entertainment and Hospitality in Egypt.

Its concept is built on being a walkable hotbed of world-class luxury fashion stores, showrooms, galleries, design-led restaurants, eateries, gastro pubs, entertainment, cultural venues such as museums, galleries, fashion academies, musical studios and performance spaces with secondary attractions including F&B and high-end retail stores with modern architecture and upscale interior design, coming for the first time to Egypt.

Cairo Design District is also going to be a design hub that accommodates established designers, supports emerging creatives and offers a platform for startups, advertising agencies, production houses, consulting offices, and upcoming artists, through providing contemporary offices starting from 100 m2 which was specially designed in a way that makes it easier for artists to design and perform their works while providing all the facilities and tools needed to bring their work to light in various fields of art, fashion design, furniture, and other forms of art.

When introducing the Cairo Design District, LMD has put into consideration that this district provides several international hotels for the first time in Egypt, including the Aloft hotels, so that it could be an integrated global destination that attracts creators, artists, and creatives from all over the world, as well as tourists looking to spend an unforgettable holiday in Egypt.

Amr Sultan, CEO of LMD, said: “We set out to develop One Ninety with the sole purpose of it becoming a game changer for real estate projects in Egypt with its innovative thinking and distinctive model for integrated urban communities, which brings its public visitors the highest degrees of comfort, luxury, and stability. From this point on, we were determined to provide all facets of contemporary life including master plans, designs, and services that meet the global standards to guarantee the sustainability of life in every area of One Ninety.”

“With its breathtaking architectural designs and high-end services, Cairo Design District achieves this ideal picture of real estate projects that puts the Egyptian real estate market on the global map. This district is a reflection of art and culture, providing creators from all over the world with the ideal environment for creativity and innovation. It is indeed appealing to high-end global brands and international designers, as well as to those looking for a world-class experience to enjoy and shop at a level equivalent to the most notable and well-known international art and entertainment hubs, with the luxury and distinctiveness it offers in every aspect,” Sultan added.

LMD was pleased to work with LMLT, one of its most renowned subsidiaries that specialize in overseas commercial development, management, and ventures, to develop and manage Cairo Design District to provide the maximum benefit and return on investment for all beneficiaries of this significant project.

This collaboration is part of LMD’s commitment to making Cairo Design District a truly global creative hub.

In this context, Ahmed Hanafi, CEO of LMLT said: “Cairo Design District is an area that we have been keen to develop specifically to support and nourish local, regional, and international talents since it provides a place for creativity and design that brings together all global brands specialized in fashion, art, and entertainment in order to support designers and talents around the world, help them develop their businesses, and provide an environment where they can unleash their creativity in cooperation with the best-known global brands, which gives One Ninety an added value and ranks it among the most outstanding global real estate projects.”

Cairo Design District is a part of One Ninety mixed-use development which is considered the most iconic project among LMD’s rich portfolio locally and globally, and strategically is the turning point of the company in the real estate market.

LMD collaborated with the globally renowned SOM, Gensler, BJB and the global Hill International for One Ninety project master plan and management, on an area of 344,315 sqm, with a total investment of 33 billion pounds, and it is the first project in Egypt to bring a global high-end brand to its residential sector such as W Residences Cairo, for the first time in Africa, with a total number of 300 units varying from hotel apartments, villas, and penthouses, in addition to the most well-known hotels, W Cairo, an Urban Park, a business quarter, and Cairo Design District.

One Ninety guarantee its residents and visitors the true meaning of pleasure, luxury, and hospitality all at once, assuring LMD’s strong vision and its promising strategies in offering exquisite real estate projects on a global level that are game-changers in the Egyptian real estate market, relying on its wide-ranging expertise locally and globally in different countries through its various projects in United Arab Emirates, Greece, and Spain.

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