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Threesixty New Cairo

ThreeSixty is a blend of complexity and simplicity, a lively and friendly place that will accommodate and please the different needs of customers. ThreeSixty caters its energetic and dynamic character to different age groups, in creating retail spaces, offices, clinics and serviced apartments which reveal to our dear customers a 360-degree, effortless, full-fledged experience. ThreeSixty offers an unparalleled lifestyle with the aim of serving families and youth, by providing all the facilities, accessibility and convenience they need.

ThreeSixty Prime Location: ThreeSixty prime location is a significant addition to our integrated and remarkable portfolio. Strategically placed on Ben Zaid Road, a main artery of New Cairo and in the midst of the renowned Golden Square. In choosing this location we intended to ensure that it is directly accessible from the main road linking New Cairo with the new capital. ThreeSixty is set to become LMD’s masterpiece and flagship project in the Cairo megalopolis, featuring its coveted signature lifestyle. Being a unique address for residences, leisure & entertainment, health-care and business. ThreeSixty is the perfect location which aims to change everything you have come to know about integrated development in New Cairo.

LUXURIOUS LIFESTYLE During the developing process of the remarkable ThreeSixty site, we envisioned a fully integrated, self-sufficient place, adhering to the highest global standards, meant to serve and satisfy all your needs. ThreeSixty is mindful to everybody, families, young couples, retirees and kids, by offering all the facilities in harmony, yet with a unique identity. The prime location is made by hard workers and engineers, who make substantial efforts, progress and improvements within the field of development.

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Retail and Entertainment

The Retail center at ThreeSixty has a variety of shopping and dining facilities, a clinic, a pharmacy and a supermarket. The project ensures a comfortable and entertaining stay for the entire family. Nothing is more delightful than starting your morning with a luxurious brunch at one the many charming cafes, then heading towards exploring new entertaining places during your afternoon and ending your day with a drink at one of the exclusive nightspots at a patio on the terrace.

Lifestyle and Merchandising

ThreeSixty is meant as an exceptional and dynamic experience, ready to satisfy multifaceted needs. Whether you are on investing in our great spaces, enjoying the unforgettable moments of shopping in our vast array of shops, dining in our elegant and exquisite restaurants, or relishing superior entertainment in any of our year around activities, ThreeSixty gratifies all your needs.

The retail space is in the heartbeat of the entire project and has been skillfully created and carefully crafted to meet the sophisticated taste of your requirements. During your spare time you can drop off your little ones in our full-fledged and playful daycares to promenade through our art & music galleries or in one of the deluxe car showrooms. You can stop by to enjoy the high-end supermarkets, or pamper yourself in a jewelry shop or fashion store. Our beloved furry friends can also be treated and cuddled in the exclusive pet shop.

Done? No, not yet!

After all these amazing experiences during your day, end it with some self time at our nail spas and beauty salons and, why not, have some fun watching a movie at one of our optimal upscale cinemas.

Dining And Entertainment Hub

Because we are not all the same when it comes to dining, we don’t have identical preferences. This is why we created a variety of restaurants that will cater to all your different needs. We surround you with excellence and trendy restaurants, with an eye open to every meticulous detail, in order to create an incomparable lifestyle, by choosing the perfect location to match the life you deserve. We offer a fully integrated entertainment hub, which will serve indoor and outdoor activities to satisfy the different tastes and age groups of all family members. The wide-ranging variety of entertainment activities are carefully designed with passion and love for our toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults, in order to make full use of the ThreeSixty recreation facilities. This includes well-furnished playground areas and fully equipped sports courts, together with complete facilities.

Offices Business Park

We believe that a flawless workspace is the main ingredient of the recipe of success. We designed the most suitable office spaces while keeping the basic business necessities in mind and give the area an international business environment.

Office Facilities

Whether you own a small or a big company, we designed a plan with business essentials in mind and created multiple space options which can be tailored according to your company’s size enabling you to scale up and enhance productivity.


ThreeSixty Clinics aims to ensure a high standard medical facility through the hands of professionals, which includes individual clinics, polyclinics, specialized centers, radiology and laboratory facilities. This includes other facilities and amenities such as pharmacies, retail shops and banks to make it more practical and comfortable for visitors. We are aware that it is essential and of high importance to provide the best possible healthcare to our valued customers. LMD wants to share with you a wide array of the best wellness centers, all located throughout the complex, to provide you with healthcare whenever needed.

Serviced Apartments

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