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Archimidous 5

Archimidous 5

Elevate your lifestyle

Life here unfolds as a harmonious symphony of relaxation and vitality, where each moment is a celebration of the next experiences. Ano-Glyfada embodies a lifestyle where coastal urban meets contemporary elegance, making every day a memorable occasion.

Embark on a seamless residency journey with Europe’s fastest and most economical residency program. Through real estate investment you and your family secure a lasting visa. Benefit from the country’s economic resurgence, tourism appeal and government incentives, driven by fiscal discipline and growth potential. Investors enjoy promising returns with the constant demand for accommodation and rental properties, ensuring consistent income streams and a high-quality lifestyle.


Situated on the enchanting south coast of Attica, Ano-Glyfada emerges as a haven of urban sophistication. With its vibrant atmosphere, lively entertainment, intriguing shopping and sun kissed beaches, Ano-Glyfada captures the essence of modern luxury.

Places nearby

Metaxa: 5 minutes

Voula beach: 10 minutes

Astir beach: 12 minutes

Athens city center: 31 minutes

Athens international airport: 31 minutes


This thriving area boasts modern residential complexes, top-tier sports facilities, luxury hotels, Mohamed Bin Rashed library, and a flourishing arts center, positioning itself as one of Dubai’s most promising destinations. Furthermore, its proximity to the metro enhances the convenience of everyday life, making Boutique 23 an ideal choice for a holistic urban living experience. Its strategic location offers exceptional proximity to key destinations.


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