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Athines By The Sea

Athines Escape to A Paradise By the Sea

A retreat in Athens, Greece with turquoise secrets

Athines By the Sea is a paradise that blends lavish dining with uninterrupted leisure, making every day feel like a summer escape. This year-round haven
boasts four exquisite restaurants and beach bars, as well as fashionable shopping sprees. To keep you active and healthy, Athines By the Sea provides yoga, outdoor gyms, water sports, and tennis padel. With its
signature sophisticated lounging and entertainment flair, it’s the ultimate sun-kissed island retreat, where every moment feels like a slice of heaven.

Discover the pristine secrets of the turquoise crystal-clear water, topped with a stunning sandy crescent beach beneath the sun’s golden rays, not
to mention the most amazing sunsets, providing the most inspirational sights all wrapped up in a posh atmosphere that is difficult to top.


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