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Karaiskaki 15

Karaiskaki 15

Seaside luxury living

Discover a blend of modern comfort and seaside charm at Karaiskaki 15. This building features modern services, solar panels and advanced heating/cooling systems, ensuring an eco-friendly living experience. Owners enjoy exclusive access to Athines by the Sea, and beautifully finished units with top-notch appliances. Karaiskaki 15 welcomes you to a one of a kind lifestyle.

An unwavering dedication to architectural innovation and timeless design, our team of experts at Karaiskaki 15 brings a wealth of experience to redefine modern living. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver residences that inspire and elevate.


Karaiskaki, is located along the Athenian Riviera,Voula.

Voula stands as a testament to coastal charm and modern luxury. Having picturesque beaches, upscale boutiques, and vibrant dining scene, Voula offers the perfect blend of relaxation and refined living. In Voula, every moment is a celebration of the finer things in life

Places nearby

Voula beach: 3 minutes

Metaxa: 7 minutes

Elliniko: 10 minutes

Astir beach: 10 minutes

Athens city center: 25 minutes

Athens International airport: 25 minutes


This thriving area boasts modern residential complexes, top-tier sports facilities, luxury hotels, Mohamed Bin Rashed library, and a flourishing arts center, positioning itself as one of Dubai’s most promising destinations. Furthermore, its proximity to the metro enhances the convenience of everyday life, making Boutique 23 an ideal choice for a holistic urban living experience. Its strategic location offers exceptional proximity to key destinations.


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